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XpressCredit™ is an internet-based platform linking dealers to financing sources. Our aggregation platform is used by auto dealers as well as many other entities where secured or unsecured loan products are offered. We link these dealers to banks, finance companies, credit unions and other sources.

Additionally we provide loan origination software that allows our financing customers to create multiple loan products and multiple credit applications within each loan product. Choice of credit bureaus, multiple decision trees (more than 200 available decision criteria), multiple queues after decision (approved/decline, tentative approval/decline, pend waiting additional information, fraud, etc.), and creation of legally approved contracts are standard. Long-term electronic storage of applications, credit scorecards, and credit bureaus can be accessed at any location with an Internet connection and proper security.

Consumer Finance Portal

The XpressCredit™ Consumer Finance Portal is used by thousands of auto dealers in more than 40 states. As a unique, cost effective, patent pending solution, XpressCredit™ automates and accelerates the indirect financing process between dealers and lenders.

  • Qualified Applications
  • Improved Look-to-Book
  • Increased Application/Loan Volume
  • Inexpesive Way to Acquire Customers
  • Multiple Risk Mitigation Tools in Place
  • Easy to Setup and Use
  • Integrated with Dealertrack
Loan Origination System

The Loan Origination System (LOS) in XpressCredit™ takes a complex set of underwriting rules and simplifies the analysis and approval process. Our analysis tools allow underwriters to quickly analyze loan applications and track their progress throughout the system.

  • Create custom scorecards and calculations
    • Multiple credit levels to include sub-credit levels
    • Cascading based on decision criteria, by level
    • Decisions and calculates on 150+ credit bureau elements
    • Can perform required and custom calculations based on bureau, bank and application data
    • Automated workflow process dictated by authorized individual(s)
  • Champion/Challenger scenarios by credit level and bureau elements
  • Third-party interfaces to assist in loan processing and contract finalization
  • Individual user and company-wide monitor to manage workflow and productivity
  • Loan analysis tools and What If scenarios in a one-page summary
  • User-level security
  • Creation of data flow processes and feedback for customer interactions and System Administration functions
  • Legally-compliant documents, eSignature - Coming Soon
  • User reporting - custom available
  • Customer maintains control of all client features