About XpressCredit ™


Founded in 2005, XpressCredit is a New York based LLC, headquartered in Central New York. XpressCredit is a leading provider of a web-based, indirect lending platform. Our patent pending software solution links lenders with independent auto dealers nationwide. A web based Dealer Management System (DMS) was created in 2008 based upon demand from two partners.

The company’s software provides lenders the ability to decision credit and communicate via a secure internet link to the dealer. We predominantly employ partner integrations via XML encoded messages and adhere to Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR). All systems reside in a secure facility with redundant communications – Compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act and Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. Quarterly penetration tests are conducted by a third party with consistently high ratings.

Our product offerings are comprised of a Credit Aggregation System (loan placement network) and a Loan Origination System, brand named XpressCredit; a Customer Identity Verification tool, brand named FacTrack; and a Dealer Management System, branded as VehicleXpress.

Technical Capabilities

The XpressCredit system was built to utilize the latest web technologies available through Microsoft’s .NET platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Cloud Computing. XpressCredit offers high availability due to the reliable and robust offerings services of AWS. By leveraging the offerings of Microsoft Server products and AWS, the system is not only flexible but scalable and can be grown to adapt to most customers requirements no matter how large or small.

Management Team

Paul Gignilliat - Founder and CEO

Paul received his degree in Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 1984. After serving his country for six years, he transitioned into the corporate world as VP of Operations for Citibank Diners Club where he managed a staff of over 100 people focused on providing quality customer service for Corporate Diners Club members. Paul left Citibank to become the VP of Operations for CIS Corporation, the 2nd largest computer leasing company in the U.S. The company was going through a bankruptcy at the time, but with the help of the Trustee and advisors, Paul was instrumental in the successful re-organization of the company. Paul then started his first business, which focused on outsourcing electronic document management. He then sold that company and began his second venture, a technology platform focused on healthcare process improvements. The company received $8 million of venture capital financing and is now poised to transition into the new healthcare environment.

That brings us to today. Paul has used his experience and expertise to start XpressCredit in order to provide an electronic means to connect independent auto dealers, customers, and financial institutions together and facilitate financing and aftermarket product sales in a secure, effective, efficient and compliant manner. In addition to his BS in engineering, Paul also has an MBA and is concluding his MS in Economics. Paul is also a high school football official and teaches a financial course at a local private college.

Charles Crawford - Partner and Lead Architect

Charles received his engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in 1998. Following a brief period of private Information Technology (IT) consulting, he moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was hired to run the IT department for a small engineering consulting company, Advanced Technology Systems, Inc. (ATS), where he designed, installed and managed one of the most robust and modern IT networks for an engineering firm that size. He also expanded the company’s services to include software development by partnering with teams from Ohio University and Texas A&M University to build a large-scale data analysis tool for the US Department of Energy as part of their PM 2.5 monitoring network.

Eventually, ATS acquired the municipal engineering division of Chester Engineers and grew from a fifty-employee, single office company to a company of over 200 employees with offices located in eight different States. Charles designed and oversaw the installation of the company’s Wide Area Network that was used to connect each office with the main IT infrastructure. He established contracts with multiple telecom companies and service providers to connect each office and managed the IT infrastructure staff as well as the budding software development group.

After leaving ATS/Chester Engineers, Charles worked as a software development engineer providing pre- and post-sales support for a mobile technologies equipment retailer providing industrial clients with RFID and barcoding equipment, and developed customer-specific software to improve their shipping and manufacturing capabilities.

He also worked for a major Electrical Supply distributor (WESCO) and developed an application that interfaced with their Oracle Enterprise Business Suite Accounts Payable application as well as a service application to manage shipment receipts from major suppliers.

Most recently, Charles worked in the retail sector as a software engineer for Dick’s Sporting Goods, where he developed and maintained applications for over 400 simultaneous users and integrated data from multiple sources into the company’s primary merchandising system.