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Credit Aggregation System (CAS)

XpressCredit™ is a web-based credit aggregation system used by thousands of auto dealers in more than 40 states. As a unique, cost effective, patent pending solution, XpressCredit™ automates and accelerates the indirect financing process between dealerships and lenders.

Expedite The Loan Approval and Funding Process
…and Start Closing MORE DEALS!

  • The dealer, consumer and lender all benefit from the XpressCredit system
  • The consumer obtains a car.
  • The financial institution gets a profitable loan to service that fits within their portfolio and risk/profitability model.
  • The dealer turns more inventory… in less time, with more control and reliability — and better customer satisfaction.

Specific benefits of the XpressCredit system to the dealer originate directly from the speed of the system.

  • When receiving an offer/decline notification from the lender, dealers usually receive it within 5 minutes of submitting the online application.
  • The ability to pull credit reports from the top reporting bureaus right from the platform.
  • To close the process, the dealer will be able to print all applicable documents, making the process fast, easy and compliant.

This speed enables the dealer to sell more products and services, while satisfying time-strapped and busy customers.

Additional Dealer Benefits
  • Instant Access to More Lenders – dealers will immediately have access to more lenders, more products, and more solutions. Multiple lenders with loan approvals in as little as 30 seconds.
  • No Software or System Integration – all that is needed is a PC and internet access and you can begin processing credit applications. No software to purchase, install, maintain, or upgrade.
  • F&I menus – Customize your own F&I menu system to sell more back end products
  • Flexibility of Remote Accessibility – accessible on the internet 24-hours a day, seven days a week. This gives dealers the flexibility to arrange their schedules as needed.
  • 4-Square Calculator – allows dealers to give customers an estimated payment based on selling price, tax, interest rate, term and down payment.
  • Discounted Credit Reports – pull inexpensive credit reports. Through group pricing we offer real time credit access in seconds for a fraction of the typical cost. This feature alone can save dealers money – Integrations with 700 Credit.
  • NADA valuations and MMR vehicle valuation reports available at the click of a button.
  • Carfax Vehicle History Reports – available at the touch of a button.
  • Red Flag compliance functionality allows dealers to pull authentications through Experian.
  • Seamless integration with the VehicleXpress Dealer Management System.
  • Printable DMV forms from a comprehensive library.
  • Compliance assurance provided through Carleton, Inc.
F&I Menu Selling System - XpressF&I

The Xpress F&I Menu Selling System is a powerful, standalone tool that provides additional revenue potential for dealerships. It quickly generates a menu of back end F&I services that are offered to each customer during the F&I process. The Xpress F&I Menu can be printed, emailed or viewed on-screen.

Present every customer with a professional and consistent menu of F&I products. The menu system details the various packages of ancillary products to offer your customer, along with the package price, term, interest rate and payment — all automatically calculated. The system reinforces sales, manages risk, speeds the delivery process and provides recordkeeping to the dealership.

The Xpress F&I Menu also seamlessly integrates with the XpressCredit platform, which eliminates double entry saving the F&I Manager time and eliminating user error. You don’t have to make the customer wait while you enter data or re-calculate payments. Integrated quoting tools and complete customization of the offerings makes this system extremely robust yet very easy to use.

The Xpress F&I Menu is web based so it can be accessed at anytime, on any secure computer with an internet connection.

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