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XpressCredit is a provider of internet-based platform linking dealers to financing sources. Our aggregation platform is used by auto dealers as well as many other entities where secured or unsecured loan products are offered. We link these dealers to banks, finance companies, credit unions and other sources.

Additionally we provide loan origination software that allows our financing customers to create multiple loan products and multiple credit applications within each loan product. Choice of credit bureaus, multiple decision trees (more than 200 available decision criteria), multiple queues after decision (approved/decline, tentative approval/decline, pend waiting additional information, fraud, etc.), and creation of legally approved contracts are standard. Long-term electronic storage of applications, credit scorecards, and credit bureaus can be accessed at any location with an Internet connection and proper security.

There are 2 distinct products available to lenders to streamline processes and lower operating costs to enhance profitability:

  • Credit Aggregation System
  • Loan Origination System
Credit Aggregation System (CAS) - XpressCredit

The XpressCredit CAS is used by thousands of auto dealers in more than 40 states. As a unique, cost effective, patent pending solution, XpressCredit automates and accelerates the indirect financing process between dealers and lenders.


Pay for performance Fees incurred on funded loans only. More than 200 hard filters Filter applications by consumer, dealer and collateral. Instant Access to More Dealer Applications and loan volume without traditional origination costs. No Software or System Integration. No additional software to purchase, install, maintain or upgrade. Your organization can be accepting more applications in minutes. F&I Menu - Customize your own F&I menu system to sell more back end products. Custom document support - Your custom documents integrated and formatted for pre-population. Custom stipulations – You define your stipulations and decline codes. Discounted Credit Reports - Pull inexpensive credit reports through all three major bureaus. Through group pricing we offer real time credit access in seconds for a fraction of the typical cost. Additional combined reports available through 700 Credit.

Loan Origination System (LOS)

The XpressCredit LOS system streamlines application delivery from origination to funding. The result is the ability to grow the number of loans underwritten and funded. Our solution is an easy to use, web-based software that will save your back office time and money while streamlining your underwriting.

With XpressCredit you can:

  • Consistently underwrite loans.
  • Increase the number of applications underwritten without adding staff.
  • Minimize costs while increasing revenue.
  • Enhance loan tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Reduce duplicate data entry and paperwork.
Customer Identification Verification - FacTrack™

XpressCredit’s FacTrack™ Identity Verification Tool is a highly flexible tool for financial institutions to verify and cross reference customer information. The integrated employment, pay stub and budget tools analyze application data for discrepancies and highlight problem areas for additional review. A score is determined based on the verification results to confirm authentication of stipulations. The tool features the ability to have questions, answers and the related scoring system customized to any lender’s criteria. A comprehensive system for building custom forms allows verifier notes to be added and updated on any field. Upon completion of the process, the FacTrack verification report can be printed, emailed and archived.

FacTrack™ Value Proposition
  • Minimize costs associated with data checking.
  • Archive results for future referral and cross-reference.
  • Customized fields support lenders specific criteria.
  • Consistent data results tracking procedure to streamline back-end.
  • Enhances loan tracking and reporting capabilities.
  • Reduces time and minimizes duplication of effort.
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